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You messed up bad this time, Cupid. You got a little trigger-happy.

People who should not be falling in love, ARE. Oops.

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Stupid Cupid


Your boss Venus is not impressed.
Now your job at CUPID CO. is on the line.

Get back in Venus’ good graces and make up for your mistakes in this VR archery game.

Use your bow and arrow to balance the natural order by matching animals, or in some cases, culling the overpopulation.

Test your skills and accuracy in different locations and seasons.

Remember to watch out for those environmental "accidents”!

Good luck, Cupid!


Ideal Partner: Elegant, demure, and well-mannered.

Favorite Food: Fruits and nuts. I’m a raw vegan, by the way.

The perfect date: A long stroll through the forest with intellectually stimulating conversation.


Ideal Partner: Easy-going. Likes to eat.

Favorite Food: Everythinggg.

The perfect date: Someone who will binge-eat with me without judgement.


Ideal Partner: Someone who will be the beta to my alpha.

Favorite Food: Meat. Gainz!

The perfect date: One that never ends. I mate for life!


Ideal Partner: Fun-loving and smart. Down for mischief.

Favorite Food: Small birds.

The perfect date: Robbing a chicken coop together.


Ideal Partner: Fluffy and wears stripes.

Favorite Food: Garbage.

The perfect date: Garbage, Netflix, and chill.


Ideal Partner: Affectionate, loyal, and protective.

Favorite Food: Honey.

The perfect date: A long, cuddly hibernation sesh.


Ideal Partner: A soothing presence who is OK with my nervous tics.

Favorite Food: Acorns.

The perfect date: I have social anxiety so I prefer quiet, intimate dates.

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